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No twisting, cracking or pulling involved.

Lots of ligaments are involved in the neck area. Hence a very unique and precise approach is required to adjust the neck area. 

Upper cervical adjustment requires a completely different approach to the conventional spinal manipulative therapy. There is no twisting, cracking or popping the joint of the neck.

At the Headache & Neck clinic, adjustments are performed by the hand held tool called “IQ Impulse Gun”.
IQ impulse gun is an electrically working device with a very sensitive and smart sensor in it.
Once it delivers the force, it calculates the repercussion and it will determine the depth and the frequency automatically and once the targeted joint is moving, and upon detecting a perpetual motion, then it stops automatically.
It is the safest and reliable tool to approach such delicate structures in the upper cervical area. Sadly for some people with very complicated anatomy and degenerative changes, IQ impulse can be limited therefore manual correction will be considered but still, no cracking and popping is involved in the process.

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Combining the analysis from the 3D X-ray scan and the result from the infrared thermography, adjustment will be delivered in a most reproducible, consistent, safe and effective manner using the computerized adjusting instrument.

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