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My achy shoulder and arm could be originating from the neck?

Signs and Symptoms: Deep, Achy, Throbbing pain on the entire right arm.

Adjustments: Specific levels of cervical spinal corrections in a specific head position, guided by the X-ray.

Outcome: Total number of treatments was 10 over the 2 months period.

A male at his age of 40, visited the clinic for the sudden onset of moderate right shoulder and arm pain. It was the traumatic onset that triggered the symptoms and it became progressively worse. X-ray was ordered to investigate further.

X-ray is a wonderful tool for a diagnostic and therapeutic purposes; to understand the injury and how to manage the case.

Number of issues were found, following are the findings.

  1. There is a decreased disc height between C6 and C7.

2. There are narrowed holes in between the vertebrae (Intervertebral foramen) over the C5 on 6 and C6 on C7.

It was very suggestive that the patient's symptoms were directly related to the above findings therefore the management/treatment was made accordingly.

Treatment was to mobilise the disc and facet joints of the lower cervical spines, and the management was to support the head and neck with a soft collar.

Positive outcome was observed quite quickly however the longevity of the positive state did not last long (Lesser than a week). It took 6 weeks (Once in a week visit) for the patient's pain-free state to last about a week and it stayed good for more than weeks after 8th visit.

This case study shows the importance of the imaging study on a neurological symptomatology and how to manage/treat the root of the cause in a conservative approach.

If you are experiencing a similar signs and symptoms; Shoulder pain, achy arm during sleep, numbness on the hand(s), please contact the Headache and Neck Clinic for an assessment; to find out if we can help you.

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