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Professional Race Car Driver with headache who had lots of whiplashes and concussions

Late 50s Male

  1. Sign and Symptoms: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache, waking up from sleep due to the headache.

  2. Type of Trauma: Professional Race Car driver, history of multiple whiplash/concussions and a major car crash accident.

  3. Adjustments: Lower cervical chiropractic adjustment based on the 3D x-ray (CBCT) scan findings.

  4. Outcome: Improvement of the headache with one or two visits only.

Late 50s male patient visited Silverdale Chiropractic for his chronic headache, neck and back pain. Patient was a professional race car driver and has an extensive history of multiple whiplash and concussions episodes and had a major car crash where drilling a hole in the skull was required to decrease the pressure of the brain. CBCT (3D X-ray scan) was ordered to investigate his neck.

Revealed followings;

There is a productive change at the base of his skull where it can possibly disrupt the brainstem mechanically. Old compression fracture on C3.

There are severe degenerative changes at the C4/5 and C5/6 on the right side. The right vertebral artery could be affected as well.

This is the left side. Degeneration of the C3/4 is so severe to the point where they are nearly fused. Notice the ballooning of the vertebral artery at the level of C5. Clear indication that the above degenerative changes are narrowing the course of the vertebral artery on the left side.

In spite of the amount of the degenerative and adaptive changes on his neck, the patient improved dramatically. He reported that his headache disappeared after the very first adjustment was made. The first adjustment was on his lower neck area. This is an important case that the lower cervical also plays an important role when it comes to the headache especially where the vertebral arteries are involved.

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